Keepin' Tabs on the Old 'Gina

And it sure feels good!

12 May
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My name is Janna! This is a special place for me to keep track of all of my future pelvic exams (and other things re: my vagina). I just love them so much!

I do not have many friends. Sometimes I think that maybe I speak too freely of my passions and hobbies?

I have many hopes and dreams, one of which is resurrecting Liberace from the dead. Also, I would like to create new forms of venereal diseases so that I may look at them under a microscope. Petri dishes are pretty neat.

Oh, and I like pap smears and mammograms, too.

Sometimes I write about my old college friends. They do not like that and yell at me for it so sometimes I will have to make entries "friends only." They are very uptight about everything life has to offer! It is a shame and I cry for them.

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